WordPress on Kubernetes

The Definitive Guide for WordPress on k8s


Hosting WordPress on Kubernetes is not an easy topic, and while we do try and cover every aspect in great detail, there are quite a few things we expect you to already be familiar with to some extent:

  • A good understanding of WordPress, what themes and plugins are, what wp-config.php is.
  • Some experience working in the command line: SSH, curl/wget, basic text editing will help too!
  • Some experience with Linux servers: using a package manager, editing config files, restarting services, etc. Most of our tutorial is based on the Debian (Ubuntu, etc.) flavor, but any other distro will work just fine.
  • A good understanding of Linux containers (Docker, etc.) – we’ll mostly be using official images from DockerHub, but we might build a few of our own too!
  • Basic understanding of PHP will come in handy when setting up HyperDB and other WordPress things.
  • Some experience working with relational databases (MySQL, MariaDB). Some admin experience may be useful, but we’ll be covering setting up database replication from scratch anyway.
  • A general understanding of YAML, we’ll use this a lot when defining and configuring resources in Kubernetes.

Quite a list for sure! But don’t give up if you’re missing a few of these, they are generally quite easy to learn both in isolation and on the job. If you get stuck or overwhelmed though, we do recommend taking a step back and/or asking for help.

Good luck!